The Edge of the Wild is an annual gathering of people with a passion for ecopsychology. Ecopsychology is concerned with the emotional, psychological, political and spiritual interrelationship between humans and the more-than-human world.

Bringing together a rich diversity of perspectives from across the ecopsychology movement in a setting of natural beauty, the gathering seeks to promote and support a more respectful and harmonious connection with the other-than-human.

The Fourth Annual Edge of the Wild Gathering is on 2 – 5 July 2015

Location: Green & Away, Worcestershire, UK

 Why do people come?
The Edge of the Wild gathering is the place to:
• Meet with like-minded people
• Reflect on your practice and discover new ways of working
• Deepen your awareness of the other-than-human
• Bring your questions, challenges and heartache
• Connect with the ecopsychology community

The 2014 Gathering
The 2014 Gathering was an event that nurtured, inspired, challenged and engaged the 70 people that attended. The structured workshops were diverse and energizing while the introduction of open space allowed for sessions to explore and develop questions that emerged through the gathering. This format marked an exciting development in the evolution of The Edge of the Wild.

Together we created a community of conversation, debate, music and poetry, renewing old friendships and creating new ones with those attending for the first time. We swam in the river, acknowledged the land we camped on and listened to the night creatures. The sun was hot and the thunderstorms wild. And, significantly, the seeds were sown for our next gathering in July 2015.


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